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The Research Box

15 - Dec - 2014

The Research Box is a specialist market research agency providing high level market and social research consultancy

Key Contact Page

Market Research in Bristol

Alison Fleming

Alison is The Research Box's Managing Director and specialises in qualitative research. She is also a member of the Association of Qualitative Research (AQR) and an Associate Member of the Market Research Society (MRS).

With over fifteen years experience in the market research world, built up since her MSc in Marketing, Alison is a strategic thinker with strong analytical skills. Clients value her clear and creative interpretation in presentations as well as the incisiveness of her report writing.

Alison relishes group moderation, designing innovative techniques and tackling some sensitive research audiences in depth interviews.

From concept development research for advertising agencies, through to NPD, customer satisfaction and Government policy evaluation, Alison has a multi-faceted portfolio.

Her recent work for Natural England, has consolidated her interest in the social research field.

Hugh Inwood

Hugh Inwood is a Director of the company with nearly 30 years' research and consultancy experience.

Hugh's expertise lies in designing and conducting market research studies that particularly address strategic objectives.

His clear commitment to providing results which inform our clients' decisions or future actions means that his insight is valued at the very top level on a repeat basis.

His work mainly encompasses quantitative market research but Hugh is also highly experienced in business-to-business depth interviews.

His clients are wide ranging, being drawn from commercial and governmental sectors.

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